Van Locks Warrington


Van Locks Warrington are a van security company servicing the Warrington and Cheshire area.

We specialise in van security including, van Deadlocks, Hook Locks, Slam Locks, Anti Peel Kits and Security Shields.

With only using the top suppliers and having the extensive knowledge in van security, Van Locks Warrington should be your first place to call.

Our engineers can travel to your location which can make it easier for you.

This also means that you do not have to take time off work to have the locks or other security fitted on your vehicle.

Van Hook Locks Warrington

Van Hook Locks on a white van in Warrington.

Van Hook Locks are a great way of securing your vehicle. These van locks are most commonly used as extra security on work van

Van Dead Locks Warrington

Van Dead Lock Installed on the front drivers door of a white van.

Van Dead Locks are very similar to Hook Locks and work the same way. These are mostley used on the cab door of the van to help secure the front of the vehicle.

Slam Locks Warrington

Slam Lock installed on a white van.

Slam locks are a very common lock that is seen a lot round Warrington. These locks are mostly used on delivery vans as these locks automatically lock the door on closing. This prevents anyone stealing items from the vehicle while the courier is away from the van.

Anti Peel Kits Warrington

Orange Anti Peel Kit installed on a van in Warrington.

Anti Peel Kits have now become vital in securing you van. These help prevent thieves from peeling back the door on the vehicle to gain access.

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